My Back to Balance Chiropractor helped me get out of pain that I never thought would leave. When I saw my medical doctor he told me my back pain was something I would “just have to live with”. I went into the Back to Balance office and felt relaxed from the minute I walked in. The chiropractor helped me from the very first visit and put me on a program for several weeks. Progress was slow at first but by the third or fourth week I felt about 75% better and now I just go in for occasional maintenance visits. Being able to use the spa amenities was such a benefit. I think the jacuzzi and steam room helped speed up my recovery.

Jeff B

I came in to your office not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Your chiropractic treatment helped me sleep better at night and I am sending my mom in next week to se you guys. Thanks.

Jocelyn C.