Dr. Jay Cali is a graduate of U.C. Irvine and Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences. He has been practicing chiropractice for 15 years, and has devised a unique treatment system utilizing state of the art technology and cutting edge soft tissue management techniques. The electro-Acuscope is a state of the art modality that jumps starts and speeds up the bodies healing and repair mechanisms, comfortably and without the stinging and spasms caused by conventional electrical muscle stimulation. Dr. Cali is also a certified Elite Provider of Active Release Technique (ART), a soft tissue management system involving hands on treatment and patient motion to “free up” soft tissue conditions, which often do not show up in radiographic studies.

When soft tissue has been injured, or even chronically tight, it forms scar tissue. While necessary for healing, scar tissue may stick to adjacent structures, restricting range of motion and may cause compression over nerves or blood vessels. This condition alters the texture of the soft tissue. Dr. Cali’s treatment system, utilizing the electro-Acuscope in combination with Active Release Technique (ART)  and diversified chiropractic manipulation, has been very successful in treating a broad range of injuries and conditions in professional and amateur athletes, people injured in auto accidents or at work, and people who just work hard and hurt.


Brick building in Old Towne area of Pasadena near the corner of Colorado and De Lacey Ave.


39 Mills Place, Pasadena, CA 91105

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Mon-Fri    9am – 6pm
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