Dr. Lakhani was born and raised on the east coast, where popular sports such as hockey, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, lacrosse, football and soccer are those in which injuries are common.  Having a passion for athletics and how the body works, Dr. Lakhani had an interest in physical medicine at a very young age.  In high school, he spent his summers as a chance to volunteer at numerous chiropractic and physical therapy clinics.  Taking this interest to the University level, Dr. Lakhani earned his Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences.  After comparing all the top schools, he enrolled in chiropractic school here in Southern California.

After graduation with a degree in chiropractic, Dr. Lakhani worked at a physical therapy clinic specializing in Orthopedic and Aquatic therapy for post-surgery patients. In June of 2006, Dr. Lakhani joined a team of doctors in a large clinic where he became the Director of Rehab and Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Having the chance to embark on a new challenge in private practice, Dr. Lakhani joined the team at Back To Balance in 2008.  Dr. Lakhani takes a patient centered approach when it comes to treatment and care. This treatment and care is personalized for each patient, which is vital to success of care compared to the cookie cutter treatments offered by many Dr’s of today.  In addition to Chiropractic care and physiotherapy techniques/modalities, his other specialties include Applied Kinesiology, Low Level Laser Therapy applications, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Exercise training.


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